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bellabox Naturals Box

bellabox Naturals Box

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Introducing the bellabox Naturals Box.

This collection features some of natural beauty's best and some new finds. Whether you are new to natural products or know whats what; this is not a box to be missed if you're looking to add more planet-friendly products to your regime.

The Naturals Box features a range of lifestyle products from body wash to mozzie repellant and is valued at over $170. See below for full product rundown.

This box has been packed using minimal packaging that is 100% recyclable, manufactured in Australia and is made of 80% recycled material in line with responsible forestry practices.

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Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap, Peppermint
Sample Size: 59ml

Our most popular scent & with a peppermint burst so pure it tingles! Scented with organic peppermint oil to cool skin, clear sinuses and sharpen mind. Our Peppermint Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. Made with organic and certified fair trade ingredients, packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle. All-One!
AUD RRP 59ml - $6.55, 237ml - $14.95, 473ml - $22.95, 946ml - $39.95

etch&ethos Hydrating Body Wash in Botanical Bloom
Full Size

etch&ethos Hydrating Body Wash brings together a gentle amino acid based cleanser with plant based glycerin to leave your skin feeling clean and soft. It contains 94% naturally derived ingredients, plus is pH balanced and soap free to help maintain the skin barrier. All packaged in bottles made from 50% recycled milk bottles!
AUD RRP 300g $16.50, NZD RRP 300g $17.99

Grants of Australia Whitening with Spearmint Natural Toothpaste - Fluoride Free
Full Size

White and bright, all day and night! Grants Whitening toothpaste with Spearmint has a strong minty flavour that will leave the mouth feeling extra, extra fresh - thanks to baking soda which has been proven to naturally whiten teeth, remove stains AND reduce plaque build-up. Start the day off with a refreshing bang!
AUD RRP 110g $4.50

PATCH On-the-Go Pack
Sample Size: 4 strips

A world first in wound care, PATCH is an ecofriendly and sustainable solution to common firstaid. We developed PATCH with both your skin, and the planet in mind. PATCH is made with: + soft, breathable bamboo for faster healing + non-toxic adhesive suitable for sensitive skin. Each box will contain one 4 x PATCH strips, perfect for those little 'on the go' emergencies.
AUD RRP $6.99, NZD $7.99

People4Ocean SPF 50 Vegan Mineral Sunscreen
Full Size

A moisturizing and lightweight mineral sunscreen that blends effortlessly to the skin as It hydrates and protects against damaging UV rays. Suitable for children and hypersensitive skin. Face and body.
AUD RRP $29.95 NZD RRP $49.00

Vanilla Mozi Bite-Proof Body Cream
Full Size

Vanilla Mozi Bite-Proof Body Cream will protect you and your family from biting bugs such as mosquitos, midgees, no-see-ums and sandflies while also nourishing your skin.

This innovative formula harnesses natural plant extracts. When applied it masks the scent of human skin and tricks bugs into sensing you’re a flower they instinctively avoid. In a non-toxic, pesticide-free process you will become Bite-Proof while also improving your skin’s hydration. It’s not a repellent - it hides you from bugs!
250ml RRP AUD $49.95, NZD $54.95

Clean & Pure Manuka Honey Lip Balm Natural Australian
Full Size

Manuka honey is known worldwide for its healing qualities and it acts as an antiseptic to the skin. Now enjoy it on your lips. Combining manuka honey, Western Australian beeswax and extra virgin olive oil, our Manuka Honey Lip Balm naturally moisturise and nourish the skin.

Using food grade ingredients, if you deconstruct our lip balms you can eat every single ingredient.
4.7g AUD RRP $5.99

Weleda Firming Night Cream Pomegranate
Full Size

Weleda's Firming Night Cream is a bedtime treat for naturally ageing skin. This rich, nourishing cream with precious oil from pomegranate seeds helps skin cells renew through the night and reduce wrinkles. Awake to newly fresh, radiant and smoother skin.
30ml RRP AUD $42.95

Harvest Box Salted Caramel Almonds
Sample Size: 20g

Indulge yourself with these lightly dipped in Salted Caramel, Dusted Dark Chocolate Australian Almonds. With 70% less sugar than traditional chocolate coated nuts, you can treat yourself to a delicious snack with peace of mind.
100g RRP $6.95

Anihana Shampoo and Conditioner Bars
Full Size

Lovingly crafted with safe ingredients to gently nourish and care for your hair. The creators of anihana want everyone to enjoy those simple everyday moments of relaxation and bliss that are crucial to our wellbeing. With up to 80 washes per bar, that's up to 3 plastic bottles worth!

You will receive one of the following: Manuka Honey and Almond Shampoo Bar, Manuka Honey and Vanilla Conditioner Bar, Lavender and Rosemary Shampoo Bar, Lavender and Lemon Conditioner Bar, Grapefruit and Chamomile Shampoo Bar or Grapefruit and Lime Conditioner Bar.
RRP AUD $13.99